Midnight Haze Essential Duvet Cover Set


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Classic bed linen is the foundation for beautiful bedrooms. Simple it is to care for. This classic bed linen is perfect for master, guest and teenage bedrooms alike, and can be updated to suit your style each season. This collection features an easy-care treatment, meaning you’ll find washing and ironing it effortless.

Twin: 1*Duvet Cover, 1*Pillowcase

Queen: 1*Duvet Cover, 2*Pillowcase

King: 1*Duvet Cover, 2*Pillowcases


Our 100% Recycled Polyester fabric is promoted as an environmentally friendly fabric. After re-washing and processing, we revitalize these fabrics and greatly extend the cycle of textile materials. This fabric has an extremely strong moisture absorbency characteristic that allows the body to cool. This fine fabric has a good breathability feature that protects the body from stuffy and wet sweat.

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