Poncho Shawl Wrap


Poncho Shawl Wrap

Size Chart

Poncho Shawl Wrap
Numerical Size40
Font Length(cm)66
Font Length(inch)25.98″
Back Length(cm)87
Back Length(inch)34.25″
Sleeve Length(cm)51
Sleeve Length(inch)20.08”
Poncho Shawl Wrap

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A wrap of comfort, drapes beautifully in 100% wool. A classic poncho-inspired Y-cut shawl, a once-size-fits-all cut that truly compliments any body figure. Your perfect rib-knit overlay, a Fall / Winter snuggle staple.


100% Wool

Wool is a protein fiber derived from the fleece of sheep and other animals. Wool contains small percentage of lipids. In this regard it is chemically quite distinct from the more dominant textile, cotton which is mainly cellulose. Known for its durability, resilience, fiber absorbency, wrinkle-resistance and its ability to retain it shape after washing.

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